Online Jewelry Store Offers Lead Free Children's Jewelry is proud to release their new online store featuring lead free, exquisite jewelry for babies and children. 

A quote from Sally Greenberg, Senior Product Safety Counsel for the Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, wrote in an e-mail regarding this subject. "Parents should stay away from cheap jewelry, absolutely. And I would advise parents to throw away any cheap jewelry unless they are sure it comes from the U.S. or a more developed country." has taken measures to ensure that our children's jewelry is lead free. Founder, Julie Hogan says, "The company uses the following Safe, Lead free materials to construct our jewelry for girls and babies. Genuine Pearls, Sterling Silver 925, and Fire Polished Czech Crystals Fire Polish. We do not use Swarovski Crystals in our baby and children's name bracelet, or other jewelry, because their crystals contain 30% lead! Please visit our web site and look at our lists of Children's Jewelry with lead that has been recalled. It is truly disturbing. Among some of the retailers that sold the toxic jewelry are T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, A.J. Wright, Cracker Barrel, Shopko, and Dollar Tree.

The founder of Sterling and Pearls says "The company sells ,among several items, genuine, freshwater pearl jewelry for young girls, and babies that is unlike anything you have ever seen. It is posh, glamorous, precious, and safe to wear, not to mention very affordable"

An extremely popular baby gift from the company is their Cambodian Baby Jingle Anklet / Ankle Bracelets with bells for babies and toddlers. A centuries old tradition of Cambodian Moms and Grandmothers is to adorn the new baby with a pair of sterling anklets that have tiny silver bells hanging from them. The purpose was and still is twofold. First, the evil spirits would not approach a baby wearing the anklets with bells, and second the Mother would know where the baby was due to the audible gentle jingling sounds coming from the anklets/ bracelets. Now, Moms all over the world gift their precious angels with these very safely made, unique baby gifts. They are glamourous, and are a safety item. Many a Mom has caught a baby or toddler doing something unsafe, because of the aubible jingling sounds from the anklets.

The company sales director, Brooke Jagger, says, "Our precious children have a right to be protected from lead poisoning in their toys, jewelry, and clothing. Unfortunately, our Government has not done a great job of doing this. As parents and loving relatives, we must heighten our awareness and knowledge about this very important issue."

Lead is a metal and that is poisonous and toxic to people, especially children, when it is ingested. It is no longer used as a gasoline additive, or in lead paint, but it does continue to be used in many products ... clearly it is still used in many children's toys and jewelry/trinket items.

After being ingested, or absorbed through the skin, lead enters the bloodstream and is absorbed and stored in many tissues and organs in the body, including the liver, kidneys, brain, teeth and bones. High levels can cause serious health problems in your children and can affect almost every organ system of the body, causing many different neurological symptoms.    

Owner Julie Hogan notes, "We have devoted this business venture to providing people with affordable, safe, lead free jewelry gifts for their precious little angels. In the past 10 years, all of my web based companies were about revenue and beating the competition, now, I am in it for the love and protection of children. In my mid 40's, with three children of my own, this is where I need to be. It just feels right . My amazing husband, Robert supports me 110%, as he always has done, by helping me with any aspect of this business. Because of the love of my husband and children, this business is born."