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About our Pearls...for babies, children, girls

A Freshwater, Fresh water  pearl is produced when twenty or more tiny tissue grafts are implanted into the thick mantle of a living mussel. Depending on the species, different results will be produced. These outcomes can range from odd, crinkly-surfaced pearls, with a mid-level luster, in about the size of crisped rice. From the point when the injections are made, it takes between 2 and 6 years to produce the pearls, with each mussel producing up to 50 pearls.

Typically, though, freshwater pearls will form with a lower amount of organic material in their nacre than those which are created as a result of marine pearl oysters. This lacking in organic material allows the freshwater pearls to have a unique, glassy luster that is highly sought after. Freshwater pearl farming to all new levels, creating pearls of much higher quality, making them quite comparable – in fact, almost indistinguishable – from their saltwater Akoya cousins

For those who love the look of pearls, but don’t enjoy the price tag, Jewelry made with Freshwater pearls are the the least expensive, while remaining quite attractive and having excellent durability, which makes it perfect for children's jewelry. Very expensive Akoya Saltwater South Sea pearls will scratch and damage easily. Freshwater pearls are especially desirable for rope necklaces made of several strands which are twisted about each other or long opera-length strands, and for childrens jewelry.

Another advantage of Freshwater pearls is their innate durability, which naturally resists chipping, degeneration, and wear, making them excellent for babies, children teens, or anyone really!!!!  When you buy Akoya South Sea Pearls, they are easily scratched or damaged.  Our company chose the freshwater pearl for several reasons. Durability is one. But also the gorgeous natural color choices of Cream Pearls, Pink Pearls, and the highly sought after lavender pearls. These colors are natural, not dyed. They are exquisite, truly.

Fresh water pearls have been harvested in China for thousands of years. In fact, there is record of Chinese Freshwater pearl harvests dating back as far as 2206 BC. Since the discovery of the New World, the United States have also become a substantial source of Freshwater pearls, especially throughout the 19th century, when over-harvesting, and choking pollution caused the number of pearl-forming mussels to take a significant dive.

More recently, the Chinese have brought freshwater pearl farming to all new levels, creating pearls of much higher quality, making them quite comparable – in fact, almost indistinguishable – from their saltwater Akoya cousins. This is another favorable breakthrough for those who wish for beauty without the price tag, as it provides jewelry shoppers with a much more affordable alternative to the expensive saltwater pearls, but with little-to-no drop in quality or appearance.

The Japanese have also had a distinguished freshwater pearl farming history. In fact, Lake Biwa was once recognized worldwide for its high quality freshwater pearl production. However, by the time the 1970s hit, the Japanese had to bring pearl production to a complete stop, as Lake Biwa come to terrifying levels of pollution. The Japanese are now taking new steps to restart their freshwater pearl cultivation industry, and have been successful at producing beautifully large and unique pearls. However, due to the high prices of the Japanese freshwater pearls, they have remained a niche market exclusively for collectors.  

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Want to learn more, read the Pearl History...

Diners Find Rare Pearl in Plate of Clams

AP Posted: 2007-12-31 23:06:55  
LAKE WORTH, Fla. (Dec. 31) - A Florida couple could be having an extra happy new year after finding a rare purple pearl while eating a plate of steamed clams. George and Leslie Brock stopped into Dave's Last Resort & Raw Bar on Friday during a day at the beach. George Brock was about halfway through a dozen clams when he chomped down on something hard - a rare iridescent purple pearl.
Bruce R. Bennett, The Post / AP

A Big Surprise In a Little Shell  ...A clam shell...did you know clams could make pearls? 

Leslie and George Brock show off a rare purple pearl George found in a plate of steamed clams Friday at Dave's Last Resort & Raw Bar in Lake Worth, Fla. Do clams make pearls?  I guess they do now!




The name of the game in bridesmaid fashion? Coordinated, but not matching too much. Keep these five trends in mind while you search for the perfect look.


Pick a Color

There's nothing wrong with wanting your bridal party to look coordinated, but because all your girls have unique shapes and styles, why not pick a color and fabric and have them choose the rest? Want to be the most beloved bride ever? Pick basic black. Match it up with a strand of pearls and a dangle earring...voila..instant glamour...Celebrity Style Wedding



No matter how cute the outfit -- once it's called a bridesmaid dress and she's wearing it next to 11 other girls, chances are she won't be too excited to put it on again. But there is hope -- by adding ruffle trims and floral embellishments, varied hemlines, and flattering necklines, designers are making bridesmaid dresses feel more like sophisticated eveningwear that would never be pegged as a multiple.


Mucho Metals

Rather than asking your girls to buy matching celadon green wedges, these days formal footwear is all about silver and gold. Metallic accessories were hot on ready-to-wear runways this year and that look has trickled down to bridesmaid fashion as well -- and they'll work with just about any color and look you've picked for your maids.


Mix and Matched Bling

Mixing a little bling with a little femininity...such as Swarovski and Pearls is absolutely the hottest trend for Brides, and Bridesmaids. Still though, for flower girls, straight pearls are the way to go! Pearl sets are so reasonable here at SterlingandPearls. We even have a baby set of pearls . Baby Flower girl not walking yet? Pull her in a little wagon all decked out in petals and green vinery.


Petals in Your Palette

Consider having each maid carry a bouquet of different blooms, all within your wedding colors. So if your colors are pink and green, one girl could hold a bouquet of pale pink roses, another of fuchsia peonies, and another of green hydrangeas. Your bouquet could then consist of one or two flowers from each of theirs, bringing the look together.

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