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Customer Reviews - Oldest to newest

I L O V E your baby pearl bracelet and necklace set. I have N E V E R seen anything like it before. Truly a special heirloom keepsake.  Our local jewelry stores have nothing for babies except the boring old sterling silver cups, and some cheap gold plated junk birthstone rings. Yuck. Way to go. We are thrilled.
Balto, MD



Shukran ماس - Maas  (Customer purchased Diamond Pacifier, and is saying thank you)

Prince Abdullah Al Saud


Thanks for exceeding our expectations. The baby pearl bracelet is really special.
Brooklyn, NY


Hello there again. I will need 5 bracelets (final count) in the Lavender/Pink. I just received the bracelet I ordered and I cannot believe how darling this silver heart toggle clasp is. It just totally MAKES the whole thing. So different, and so perfect for children. It reminds me of Tiffany and Co., the heart clasp.  Your prices are astounding. When I get home, the girls will be ecstatic.  Will you please ship them to the same address. And put their names on each box.
Milan, Italy


I am thrilled and surprised. I can't believe how pretty and perfect the pearl strand is. My Grand Daughter is ecstatic. She loves Lavender and Pink, so the natural strand of lavender is perfect. It looks pink and lavender all at once! My daughter took it to the jeweler Kay Jewlers and they said it would sell for $175. Your prices are amazing. Thanks again
Delray Beach, Fl 


Thanks a million...the baby name bracelets were a hit. I love the Brooke style name bracelet. You price and service were great.  I like the fact that you use real pearls and not lead crystal swarovski pearls like all the other companies do.



Hi and thank you for the super fast service. The Jingle Anklets were a hit at the baby shower, just like you  said it would be. I felt like a rock star, famous, for bringing such cute gifts.
San Antonio, TX


I love you SterlingandPearls! Y'aal are awesome. The baby looks so great in her pink pearls. I have never seen real pearls before, up close like this. They are so pretty and they have a cool feeling on the skin. The shimmering is really neat. We are gonna put her in a little wagon for the wedding, and pull her down the aisle...she is the flower girl! I will tell the bride to look at your pearls selection. She thought you were only children's size pearl jewelry. Your prices are soo much better than Blue Nile and Kay Jewelers, and Raymonds Jewelers. That is where she has been looking.
Gatlinburg, TN


The Chloe Bracelet is absolutely beautiful. I am going to get another one, for myself. My twins are thrilled, at age 10 I'd say they are lucky too.  I am impressed with the quality and roundness of the pearls. We had gotten nuggets rice pearls, and returned them because they were so bumpy and ugly. Your bracelets are just precious. Do you have the Chloe in a size 7.5" for women?
Cleveland, OH


December 12, 2007
I commend you for selling lead free products. If only the public realized how very important that is!  
It is absolutely beautiful! I have tried on many a pearl bracelet, but did not like any of them on me. But now I want a Chloe bracelet. So after the wedding, be prepared for a 6.5 inch bracelet for me! The diameter is perfect, because my wrist is small.  Thank you so much for the education!  We will send you a picture on Chloe after the wedding! The wedding is February 7th.  With her mother's approval, I would be happy to send you a photo of her sporting her new bracelet. She is going to steal the show anyway, and I would not have it any other way! Thanks a million!
West Palm Beach, FL


December 19, 2007
Well, my daughter saw the Package, now she knows her Christmas Present.I have to say, I am so impressed with the lovely set of Peach Pearls. I never knew they came like that, in a shade so pretty. They are naturally colored? I saw that on your web site. I am wanting to get a matching set for myself, as we are going to a wedding soon, and would love to match with my daughter. Will you make a 18" in Peach for me? I am a bracelet size 7 inch.


December 21, 2007

I did receive the necklace, thanks for your fast delivery. Turns out the Mail Service put it in the wrong persons box.  It is so pretty, I really love the quality. I cannot believe the price on your pearl jewelry. The earring studs are so cute and tiny. Perfect for my 5 year old. Thanks for following this through, I was getting scared that I would not receive them in time for Christmas Eve.

Evelyn        Rosedale, NY                                                                                             


December 30, 2007
My wedding is in January, and I want to thank you. I want to say thanks because you made this so easy. And you are such a nice company. EVERYTHING for this wedding has been a nightmare, but your pearls and the special order, was a complete dream cake. Thanks ever so much.
Palm Beach, FL


January 3, 2008
Hello Julie. Just wanted to say thanks for replacing the package that was lost. It came in time for Christmas. Whew! Now, that damaged package just arrived . Shall I send it back, or wait for you to to arrange a pick up.  I opened it, and everything looks fine, but the box looks like it went on a wild Safari ride!  Again, thanks so much. AND, I love that your company does not sell lead jewelry. Thanks again. I will buy from you when my sisters twins are born. I was thinking a name bracelet for them (so their Mom can tell them apart)


February 18, 2008

LOVE your Jingle anklet Bell Bracelets. I cannot tell you how amazing of a gift they make for Adopted Babies or Children from Asia, Vietnam, China. My sister adopted a little girl from Vietnam, and I could not find the right gift...until I found your company. She was in tears when I gave her the baby gift and the little story card about Cambodian Moms gifting their babies with them. It is amazing, what a great keepsake. Thanks again for a great product.


March 17, 2008

The Chloe Pearl Sets for my flower girl and wedding party ARE STUNNING.  You know, I was going to buy those ugly nugget, bumpy pearls, and then I found you. Your prices are the same for REALLY PERFECT looking pearls.  I am so proud to give these gifts. My Mother actually wants an 18" inch in black pearls from you . She has EVERYTHING anyone could want, and yet she remarked at the perfection and beauty of your pearl jewelry. Not an easy task...impressing my Mother.! Ha!  Thanks again. I have told my friend in NY, and she will buy from you also.  (Look out though...she is PICKY, and now that she is getting married she has been very difficult  :}  }


April 21, 2008

Thanks for your fast response and for caring about my wedding. I have never received this kind of service online before. You will be getting lots of my new friends from the knot and from ModernBride. I am thrilled.

The other vendor left me high and dry. No flower girl gifts. These necklaces that you sent me look like they cost $200.00. I cannot believe your prices. And then there was the gift wrapping and pink ribbons. Ok, enough. I could go on and on.

Jenny.. A really happy bride to be

May 14, 2008

Thank you so much.  You are one of the best online stores I
have shopped from in a long time.  I love your promptness and customer
service!  Outstanding.


May 31, 2008

I just wanted to pass a note along to you to let you know I received the anklet I ordered from your company and I am extremely happy with its quality and style.  It is a beautiful anklet and the quality is magnificent.  I will definitely order from you in the future.


Chelsea, MA

July 7, 2008


Recently my husband purchased the Tiffany style heart toggle necklace in sterling silver from you, for me for my birthday.  I've been wearing it now for several weeks and wanted to contact you to let you know I am very happy with the quality of the piece.  It is my current favorite and stands up well to my 7 month old yanking on it.  ;-)  Also, thank you for your fast shipping, my husband was very happy with that. 

~Monica L

August 17, 2008

the bracelet arrived right on time, and it was exactly what I was hoping for...absolutely beautiful!
Such a pretty gift box, too. I never would have believed I could get it in the short time I had, and you were great
to work with. Thank you SO much for creating a treasure my niece will keep forever!!


October 22, 2008

I simply had to let you know that I just received the bell/heart jingle set for my baby girl's ankles and I am in love!  They are EXQUISITE! We will be ordering the adult set for my ankles!


November 2, 2008

Hi Julie...We were away for a couple of days so, the box was here when we returned.....I just opened it (Cupcake Birthday Shirt) and it is absolutely adorable....I love it !!!!!...Thank you...

Barbara B

November 2, 2008

Julie...Just wanted to let you know the tiny pettiskirt arrived yesterday!  It is adorable and fits my daughter perfectly. Thanks for your help. I will definitely be in touch.

Robin M

January 2009

I love your clothes. The pettiskirt and cupcake top / shirt are so cute. It is amazing to find such a unique birthday outfit.  My friends were all about the skirt and top.. the conversations were endless, and all the while Sarita was twirling, and whirling, and putting on a show. Thank you. Will be getting a red one for Disney World in April. I heard it is the thing to do, to dress up like a princess when you go there nowdays


January 2009

ZaZa .. that is how I feel when I wear this Petticoat under my skirt to dancing night. It is a delight, and I feel so pretty in it. So ZaZaZa... and thank you kindly. Good to know an older lady can buy a petticoat skirt too !


April 2009

Love it all. Thanks ever so much. The Baby Pearl Jewelry is divine

Josslyn - Palm Bach, Fl


July 2009

Bellissimo ..Best of all..I got it in time. Flower gals love darling in tha sets.


Sophia , Rome Italy


September 2009

Never knew real pearls could be so reasonable, not so expensive . My grand daughter looked darling in her pearl set



December 21 2012

Just in time they arrived. Lovely necklace and bracelet sets. Very Happy with these pearls

Linda - Chardon, Ohio


April 9, 2013

Excellent Quality. Love the bracelets for my Bridesmaids . Thanks for shipping to the Hotel

Susan 0 Windsor Ohio


June 12, 2013

Beautiful teeny tiny bracelets for triplet grand girls. I was surprised with the quality and the shipping was fast.

Thanks much

James Donato  - Cleveland, Ohio


January 2014

The baby bracelets are too adorbs!  So tiny and perfect.  I never knew a pearl bracelet came in an infant siize. Thank you for fast delivery



May 2015

The Christening bracelets for the twins are just lovely. I have never seen such a lovely pearl and crystal bracelet.




July 2015

Beautiful heirloom pearls, I am impressed


Children's Freshwater Pearl necklace sets

When a young girl receives this exquisite gift of pearl jewelry sized just for children, they will never forget the special day or the special giver.  At Sterling and Pearls, we have gone over and above what any other jeweler has done with Children's Pearl Jewelry Sets. These sets are designed with AAA Quality Freshwater Pearls that have beautiful sheen, smoothness, roundness and excellent nacre. The cost of these sets is at a value that cannot be matched anywhere.

The cost of these pearl sets is at a value that cannot be matched anywhere.  The jewelry is hand knotted with double silk cord for strength and longevity. We have designed these sets for children from ages 1 to 14, and now for older teens and Moms too.  Free Gift packaging and gift card explaining the value and care of the genuine pearls. Your purchase is guaranteed. We want you to be very happy with your purchase. Our pricing is so reasonable because we are the jeweler/manufacturer. There is no middleman.

 Our genuine pearl jewelry is hand knotted on double silk cord for longevity and strength. The closures are made from brilliant sterling silver 925 .  The photos don't do justice to how a beautiful these strands of pearls are. They look stunning and precious on  children or young girl, and Mom too!. The color and luminosity cannot be challenged. At a jewelry store they try to sell tiny 3mm pearl necklaces for $150 alone. These sets are such a great value.  FREE gift packaging and appraisal with purchase.

Creamy White Set- 5.5 - 6 mm AAA Pearl Necklace 14", Bracelet 6.5", with Sterling Silver Heart Toggle Clasps, &  Earring Studs with sterling sterling posts.     Strung and knotted on silk cord. High quality, thick nacre.    

3 Piece Set Children' s Genuine Pearls in Creamy White  
Natural Blush/Peach Set - 5.5  - 6 mm AAA Pearl Necklace 14", Bracelet 6.5", with Sterling Silver Heart Toggle Clasps, & Earring Studs, with sterling posts .  Strung and knotted on silk cord.  High quality, thick nacre.    

3 Piece Set Childrens Genuine Pearls in Natural Peach Blush
Natural Pink Lavender  Set - 5.5 - 6 mm AAA Pearl Necklace 14", Bracelet 6.5"  Sterling Silver Heart Toggle Clasps, &  Earring Studs with sterling posts. Strung and knotted on silk cord.     High quality, thick nacre. 
3 Piece Set Child Genuine Pearls in Pink / Lavender
Chloe Set -White pearls AAA Quality 14" Necklace and 5.25" Bracelet (age 1 to 10)
2  Piece Set Genuine Pearls 14" Necklace & 5" Bracelet $70.00
Scroll down for a matching set for Mom or Big Sisters too!!   
Chloe Set -White pearls AAA Quality 14" Necklace and 6" Bracelet (age 6 -14)

2  Piece Set Genuine Pearls 14" Necklace & 6" Bracelet $70.00

Chloe Set -White pearls AAA Quality 16" necklace and  7.25 inch bracelet (Fits older teen to women)
2  Piece Set Genuine Pearls 16" Necklace & 7.25" Bracelet                $78.00

Set for Mom or Big Sister! (retail value is $300)

NEW! Baby and Toddler Pearl Sets!

Genuine Freshwater Pearl Jewelry set for children. Fits a baby  to toddler

These 3 piece sets are made with genuine 4 mm freshwater pearls and a Sterling Heart Toggle clasp.   They look precious on the little ones!  The 12" Necklace and 4.5" Bracelet will fit a newborn baby to a 4 year old.  Stud earrings included in the price. Choose from White or Light Lavender pearls. FREE Gift Packaging and appraisal ! 

  White  Pearl Set -  12" Necklace with 5"  Bracelet  and stud earrings.  3 pc set    $42.00      

(Fits baby to a 4 year old. Extenders could be added later) 

Lavender  Pearl Set -  12" Necklace with 5"  Bracelet  and stud earrings.  3 pc set    $42.00      

(Fits baby to a 4 year old. Extenders could be added later) 


Cleaning & caring for your pearls

                                     Pearl Earrings Pearl Bracelets

The visual  overtone color, sheen and iridescence make pearls more valuable than others. These exquisite sets that we designed are made with AAA quality Freshwater Pearls that have truly luminous sheen and an excellence in reflective quality.  These pearls are "alive" looking with shimmer and color.  Be careful when buying very inexpensive sets of pearls made with nuggets or rice type pearls. They do not hold value.  The seller should tell you the quality, and how they were made /  strung. It is very important.


Our Children's Pearl Sets come in a precious pink gift box with a note card explaining the genuine pearls and their care.

Buy these pieces separately?  NecklacesBracelets Earrings

The presence of overtone color and iridescence make pearls more valuable. These sets that we have designed are with AAA quality Freshwater Pearls that have luminous sheen and excellent reflection. They are "alive" looking with shimmer and color.  Be careful when buying very inexpensive sets. They should tell you the quality, and how they are strung. It is very important

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