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Cupcake Tops & TShirts for Birthdays / Parties

Baby is 1 years old, and wearing 12M Long Sleeve Lettuce Edged Shirt and Fluff Cupcake Top with our             Toddler Pettiskirt in Pink (available this page) SIZING CHARTS  ORDERS ARE TAKING 3-4 business days to ship out to you right now. 

**Please go to our Sister Site- PettiSkirtStyle to shop or order Cupcake Shirts**


Our CupCake & Ice Cream Cone Tshirts and Tops are so popular.          SIZING CHARTS

OUR CUPCAKES are genuine embroidered appliques on 100% Cotton shirts.  Make your own cupcake or ice cream cone !  3 Styles:  Cupcake on shirt,  Fluff Cupcake, or Ice Cream Cone Shirt. Choose from short sleeve, tank or long sleeve Shirts

**Please go to our Sister Site- PettiSkirtStyle to shop or order Cupcake Shirts**


  Free Gift Box for your cupcake!..   An authentic Pink Bakery Box !                      


There are 3 BUY areas below. 1st area is for Fluff CupCakes Next area down is for the Ice Cream Cone Shirts,  the Number Shirts, and finally the cupcakes with no fluff, but super cute !     ______________________________________________________________

**Please go to our Sister Site- PettiSkirtStyle to shop or order Cupcake Shirts**


Now for the ..ICE CREAM CONE or FLUFF Cupcake Shirt  $36.95

Size: 6Month to Girls 9/10:   Colors: Pink, White, Black:   Styles:  Tank, Short or  Long Sleeve

  Fluff CupCake -  Choose Shirt: Tank or Long Sleeve: Choose Color: Pink, White, Black:   Choose Fluff Chiffon: Light Pink, Vanilla Cream, Raspberry Pink ,Hot Pink, Chocolate  (scroll down to buy)

                Raspberry Fluff on Pink and on White                     Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcake     Chocolate & Lt Pink

        Raspberry Fluff & Name  ... The possibilities are endless


Ice Cream Cone $36  Shown: Pink LS Shirt w/ Pink Rosettes  Choose Shirt: Tank or Long Sleeve: Choose Color: Pink, White, Black:   Choose Rosettes: Light Pink, Vanilla, Raspberry Pink , Hot Pink  (scroll down to buy) 

100% Cotton Tops  ...  ORDER  FLUFF CUPCAKE  or ICE CREAM CONE here !


**Please go to our Sister Site- PettiSkirtStyle to shop or order Cupcake Shirts**



Free Gift Box for your cupcake!..   A Pink Bakery Box .. so authentic and cute

__________________Great ideas from a customer:   " I bought your cupcake tshirt top for my 3 year old who is learning to spell her name, and to count. The 3 candles I had you put on her cupcake and her name, are really helping and motivating her to spell and count. In fact, she won't wear anything else. I love the quality, and the real embroidery. It is a special shirt. I had bought one somewhere else with rhinestones, but many fell off the first time I washed it, and there were no customizing options.  The pink bakery box that it came in, was really special"  C James, Peoria IL


    NEW !  Number Birthday Shirts with a Mini Fluff Cupcake !!


  Pink Tank w White Frosting        Raspberry Frosting       Chocolate Frosting     Hot Pink Frosting

  More examples of how you can make the cupcake!

                           Choose your number, your shirt, and the fluff color !

Size &  Shirt Color /Style     SIZING CHARTS

Which Number 

 Fluff frosting for mini cupcake  

      $32.00  Number Shirt with mini fluff Cupcake


     Free Gift Box for your cupcake!..   A Pink Bakery Box .. so authentic and cute


New! Cupcake and Candy Sparkle  Leg & Arm Warmers !

Toddler  Pettiskirts ................................

Child is 12 Months (shirt is 12 M Size)


                Red with White                                Raspberry w Light Pink                  Raspberry/Mango


             Ivory Cream w Light Pink                       Light Pink                                        Hot Pink                   


Just the right size for 14 months to age 2 or 3.     9 " Long and Waist is  16" -  19"

25  Yards of fluffy twirly fluff... what a skirt!  Very stretchy waist , Satin Bow, and promises of big giggles


NEED a bigger size for girls? Click Here to see our Girls Pettiskirts

Our gorgeous pettiskirts are available now... No waiting !     FREE Organza Storage Bag with our skirts!


Infant/Baby Pettiskirt  Age 0 -12 Months  Waist is 11" to 15"   Length is 9"

These little skirts are precious. Satin Waist, Bow, and 25 Yards of Fluffle Ruffles


         Light Pink                                       rry w Light Pink


         Light Pink                               Ivory Cream                            Lavender

Colors: Above.   Model is wearing the skirt with a 12 M Long Sleeve Birthday Shirt. She is 1 yr old and wears a size 12M

Our gorgeous pettiskirts are available now... No waiting !     FREE Organza Storage Bag with our skirts!



Cotton Ruffle Hem Pant  $10.00

Adorable 100% Cotton Ruffle Bottom Pants to match our Cupcake & Ice Cream Cone Shirts .COLORS: Black, Pink, & White.  Sizes 12M - 3T

These match the Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Shirts in Black, White, Pink only. Does not match Tanks.  Elastic waistband

SIZE: 12 M = 16-18" Waist Inseam 7.5" Length 15.25

18M = 17- 19" Waist Inseam 8.25 Length 16.5

2-3T = 19" -21" Waist Inseam 13" Length 19.25"

Size       $10.00 Cotton Pants with Ruffle Bottom

 Get your birthday shirt and pants in a Pink Bakery Box! FREE!


How about a twirly Girly PettiSkirt to go with that?


                               Girly Twirly Pettiskirts for babies to Adults!

Whether you call them pettis, petticoats, pettiskirt or fluffy chiffon twirly skirts .. these petticoat skirts cause  instant smiles, giggles, and oh... lot's of twirling! Our pettisksirts are the best ! We use 45 yards of silky soft denier chiffon, and these skirts are double layered! The bottom ruffle is the ruffliest in the industry. Best of all, our pettiskirts are waist and length adjustable! This mean your girl, will get years of wear out of these ! We have a special waist band with button, to adjust the waist size. Then, we have added a special slot to place the waistband so you can make the skirt 2" shorter, or longer!

As soon as your package arrives with your spectacular Pettiskirt you'll see what all the fuss is about! Perfect for any holiday party, birthday party outfit or portrait!  Made to be worn anywhere: dressy for a special party, super fresh with a little jean jacket and just so cute with a simple girly tee. Words cannot describe how breathtaking these skirts are! Billowy, fluffy chiffon in unbelievable colors. A full and fluffy Pettiskirt is a must have for your little one's closet!

By the way!  These little pettiskirts look great in the Winter with tights or our Huggalugs Leg Warmers and a matching sweater and knee-high boots!  Don’t worry moms, they can be worn year round!

Chiffon Nylon is super soft, not scratchy like a tutu, and has a beautiful swinging, twirly, fluffy ruffly look and feel.   Our gorgeous pettiskirts are being made RIGHT now, and will be available in just days....we are taking things a step further than other companies, and offering Mommy, Big Sister and Me Petticoat Pettiskirts   BUY or SEE MORE ABOUT PETTISKIRTS HERE

Now, back to cupcake is a little cupcake history!

 A cup cake,  according to nineteenth  Century America have been called small cakes, but it wasn't always so.  They were  called  cupcakes because the ingredients for them were measured in cups instead of weighed, as was previously  the custom. According to the popular book "Baking in America" by Greg Patent, this type of cooking was revolutionary because of the large amount of time it saved in the kitchen.

Whether it was a "cup," or "measure of a cup " or  a "number" cake, the shift to measuring  cupcake ingredients vs weighing of the same  was  significant in time saving, according to "The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America." It goes on to explain that the cup name had a double meaning because of the practice of baking in small containers,  including tea cups.

The cups were convenient  because a hearth oven took a very  long time to bake a large cake ,  and early cakes, by the way, were enormous -- and burning was common. Gem pans, early muffin tins, were common in households around the turn of the 20th Century and cupcakes were then baked in those. 

If you're a fan, it was in 1919 when the company, Hostess introduced the famous snack cupcake, but it didn't become the cream-filled, squiggle-topped Hostess Cup Cake we know today until  about 1950.  Mothers in the 50's and 60's popularized the small, round cake treats with frosting in school bake sales and sporting events.

It is interesting to know that the cakes were probably known as number  cakes because of a pattern for remembering the recipe:  One cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of  flour and four eggs plus one cup of milk and one spoonful of soda.   The formulas became known as the one-two-three-four cake, and today's cupcakes are  still made with similar traditional cake ingredients.  Our cupcake tshirts are very easy to make, and there is no measuring OR real baking. Just pick your cupcake, number of candles or no candles, and decide if you want a name on the cupcake or not!

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