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NEW ! Ruffled Leg Warmers for bigger girls 

Huggalugs Leg RufflesHuggalugs Leg Ruffles

Sherbet Stripe LegRuffles    Longes Spunky Black LegRuffles    Smitten Kitten LegRuffles     Longes Bubblegum Pink LegRufflesSo Pink LegRuffles     Lime Splice LegRuffles

 Sherbet Stripes        Black             Light Pink            Bubble Gum Pink  Raspberry Pink   Lime  Silver Sparkle LegRuffles     Vanilla Cream LegRuffles Lilac Kisses LegRuffles

 Silver Sparkle     Gold Sparkle        Pink Sparkle            Vanille                   RED                   Lilac        


  Use the pull down menu to choose your colors


Baby Leg Warmers ? What?


These are all the rage with Moms everywhere



Lil Dancer

HuggaLugs / HugaLegs are approximately 13" Long.

NEW STYLES.....just in

          Candy Soft Pink

Train Tracks    Sunshine Fields     Candy Sparkle    Cherry Pie        Soft Pink  


Black                White                 Red           Pink Girly Skull   Lil Pirate        

  Harmony    Retro Rainbow     Tiger          Beanz              MOO Cow      Cheetah

   Rocker            Pop Diva       Irene           Anna 

Peace Brilliant                         

 Peace (turquoise & orange)       CupCakes              (Cupcakes)  

                         Use the pull down menu to choose your styles!

Benefits: *Keeps Socks up *Protects Knees, *Great for potty up and down with the pants or skirts. *Keeps legs or arms warm while saving time and money on laundry *Big sisters and teens love them...they wear them to school on their arms...very popular new trend.

Hug your little ones in funky cool color and prints with Huggalugs range of Leg and Arm Huggers.
Designed to keep little legs and arms warm at all times: Under pants or under skirts No pants or no skirts Just a diaper or no diaper Under tops, over tops or no tops at all
Huggalugs super funky Huggers will keep little legs and arms covered, protecting them from the elements and hard surfaces.

Our Leg and Arm Huggers are also the perfect accessories for helping little ones learn to dress themselves. Children are able to pull Huggers on all by themselves, even over shoes, one at a time without the hassle of pulling up bottoms or pulling a shirt over their heads. And when you use Huggalugs Leg and Arm Huggers to help your little one learn to dress themselves they can stay warm and clothed at all times, as our Huggers fit over clothing.

You can also use Huggalegs Leg and Arm Huggers as a light weight accessory to help prevent kid’s arms and legs from becoming dinner for those darn mosquitos.  

One size fits most from birth to six years up to the thigh. Leg & Arm Huggers can also be worn by older children, teens and adults as traditional calf height leg warmers, arm warmers and open toed socks.
Our Leg & Arm Huggers are 80% cotton, 15% nylon and 5% spandex. Approximate length is 13" +

We sell Huggalugs, and a brand made by a designer.   What would you like to see in a baby leg warmer? Email Us

Jingle Bell Anklets- Sterling Silver or Gold 18KT Plated



Jingle Baby Anklets.......


...are precious ankle bracelets, hand made from brilliant 925 sterling silver with gently jingling bells!  A centuries old tradition stands behind these darling  jingling anklets... For thousands of years Asian and Cambodian mothers have adorned the feet of their babies with silver anklets that have small bells attached to them.  Chang Krang Choeung is the terminology in Camdodian. Traditionally, it is believed that the delicate jingling sounds would protect young children by warding off bad spirits. They also served a safety functional purpose by providing auditory clues to their children's movements, activity, and whereabouts. (Scroll down to purchase)

Jingle Anklet  tiny Sterling Silver jingling bells   

Newest style Hearts & Bells Jingle Anklet

Who wears jingle bell anklets and Bracelets?  Babies, toddlers, big sisters, and Moms too!  We have 3 sizes available for you. (Celebrity sightings of children with Jingles include Angelina Jolies' children (see article  below), and Kevin James and Steffania de la Cruz, Celine Dion, along with many others.

Who gives Jingles? Baby Showers, Births, christenings, baptisms, birthdays and more

Why give Jingles? They are a delightful precious gift that brings instant smiles, coos, and ahhhhs.     Be the hit of the baby shower when you give this gift. Hundreds of our customers have shared stories of people flocking to them to ask about Jingles at baby showers and Christenings. They also make a wonderful bracelet for young girls, pre teens, and Bat Mitzvahs! These bell anklets can be passed down through families. Start a new tradition in your family! Forget the silver cup or rattle, get Jingle Anklets instead! When you open your package and feel the sterling anklet, its' preciousness  and gentle jingling is overwhelming. Such quality, and so adorable. It is hard to describe, but the emotion you feel is love and delight. It is the happiest little bracelet/anklet that I have ever seen.

Are Jingles Safe? Yes, they are safe. The little bells are soldered on for extra security. Always remove Jingles when the child is sleeping. Jingle anklets are hand made by a master sterling jeweler that has 40 years experience here in the USA. They are unique and simply elegant. No lead!

We offer highest-quality products and Jingles are real 92.5% sterling silver. We are sure you'll love your Jingles, but if there is ever any defect with your order we will replace them immediately. No lead in this jewelry! Lead Free Children's Jewelry.

Order Jingles Here:

You can order several different ways:  Order here online by pressing the Buy Now buttons. It will take you to a checkout page where you can use PayPal or your major credit cards. OR you may use the phone and call us at 828-681-8041 where we can take your order.  Shipping is $5.00 and we ship from Asheville, NC via  US POSTAL or UPS. Faster shipping available too.

(Please note. Your credit card receipt will read "Feel Safer Now", it is our parent company)

Our Jingle Anklets come with a free gift wrap Organza Drawstring Pouch and brushed silver box! We also include a little story card to explain the history and tradition of Jingle Baby . The presentation is awesome.


 Newborn Baby Pearl Jewelry, Bracelets, Necklace, Sets



August 30, 2002 - The Sun reports Angelina is insisting on taking adopted son Maddox with her while she films the sequel to Tomb Raider. "Angelina wants to spend every moment she can with Maddox," an insider said. "She has told producers that she wants her son with her always, wherever she goes." On his cute little ankles were Jingle Anklets!

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